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You value living a healthy life. You get the sustainable living thing. You know how important good nutrition is for health, well-being and happiness. And you know how difficult and time-consuming it can be to put nutritionally-balanced, delicious and satisfying meals on the table.
Perhaps one family member struggles with food allergies, which adds to the stress of cooking healthfully for the family.

The Nourishing Well Chef Services could be just the help you need.

Using organic ingredients, locally grown as often as possible, Marilyn Moser-Waxman creates meals to delight your palate with every item created to your unique tastes and needs. Each meal is specifically designed for you.

• Our quality ingredients are always organic, locally sourced when we can. Fish is from sustainable sources, meats and dairy from local farms where the animals are humanely treated, raised on the pasture and do not receive antibiotics or hormones.

• Whatever dietary style you follow, your food will be delicious. From Paleo to Vegan, from hot & spicy to subtle flavors, we do it all.

• The Nourishing Well specializes in meals for those with health concerns and dietary restrictions.

• The Nourishing Well brings over 40 years of health and wellness experience to the table.