How it Works

How it works Here at The Nourishing Well, we want to know who you are, what sort of diet you follow, and how we can best serve you.

None of the food created by The Nourishing Well is mass-produced, rather it is designed specifically for each client.

Custom Meals

It’s your choice: Your meal plan may be for three dinners a week, lunch and dinner for several days a week or up to breakfast, lunch, and dinner seven days a week. It’s important to know that we require a commitment to a consistent meal schedule for the term of your contract.

Here at The Nourishing Well, we are familiar with many health concerns and the dietary restrictions that often accompany them. Whatever dietary style you follow or flavors that you prefer The Nourishing Well’s goal is to create food to completely nourish and satisfy you. Our intent is to create meals that are nutritionally well-balanced and nutritionally dense.

Weekly Menu Planning

All meals are designed specifically for you and/or your family.
Menus plans are submitted for your approval.

Our Commitment to Sustainability and Zero Waste.

As an integral part of our mission to support environmental well-being as well as sustainable agriculture we create as little waste as possible. Meals use organically grown ingredients, locally grown as often as available. We source fish from sustainable fisheries, and out meat and dairy products are from pasture-raised animals. We compost and recycle, and the meals are delivered in reusable glass containers.